Core Facilities

Targeting of different organs with in utero injection reduces the numbers of mice needed in life science. For example in skin (images below, courtesy of Tim Dalessandri in Maria Kasper lab), or brain and neural crest (references below).

ER Andersson is the Scientific Manager and Director of Infinigene.  As part of developing novel technologies for high through-put low cost gene analysis, we established core facilities to share our technological expertise with other groups. The core facilities are separate from the lab and more information can be found at the Infinigene website. To order services, please see this link or email us ( . 

Previously, ER Andersson established a core facility for virus production together with Jens Hjerling Leffler. More information can be found at the Virus Tech website.


A derivative of NEPTUNE was used to perform barcode lineage tracing with scRNA seq and spatial transcriptomics in brain by Ratz et al, in Nature Neuroscience.

We published a video protocol to facilitate adoption of NEPTUNE by the community: Mangold et al, JoVE.


Mangold et al published in Cell Reports Methods. Here we describe the development of in utero nano-injection to target the nervous system with up to 99% targeting efficiency. “NEPTUNE” = neural plate targeting with in utero nano-injection. NEPTUNE can recapitulate published knockout models, and reveal unknown gene functions.

NEPTUNE was used to barcode lineage trace neural crest, uncovering new developmental principles in neuroblastoma in Kameneva and Artemov et al, Nature Genetics.

November: special training session by VisualSonics. INFINIGENE staff and attendees learned how to use the Vevo1100 or Vevo2100 for kidney imaging, cardiovascular imaging, liver imaging and Doppler analysis. Now these services can be ordered from INFINIGENE.


Jia Sun is recruited as Animal Technician Specialist. Welcome!


INFINIGENE is established! Bettina Semsch is recruited as Animal Technician Specialist. Welcome!